2023 AAG-GISSG Student Honors Paper Competition Result

Dear GISS community, 

I hope you are having a fantastic time at the AAG 2023 Annual Conference. 

On behalf of the AAG Geographic Information Science and Systems (GISS) Specialty Group, I am very pleased to announce the winners of this year’s student honors paper competition: 

Graduate Group

1st place ($700):

Han Wang, Peking University, GWRBoost: A geographically weighted gradient boosting method for explainable quantifications of spatially varying relationships

2nd place ($450):

Meiliu Wu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Revealing Racial-Ethnic Segregation with Individual Experienced Segregation Indices Based on Social Media Data: A Case Study in Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim

Binbin Lin, Texas A&M University, Sensing the Pulse of the Pandemic: Demographic Disparities of Public Sentiment toward COVID-19 through Social Media

Honorable mentions ($200 each):

Rongxiang Su, University of California, Santa Barbara, ORTEGA: An open-source Python package for context-aware interaction analysis based on movement data

Wenxin Yang, Arizona State University, Uncertainties in the geographic representation of landscape connectivity metrics for area-based conservation

Xiangyu Ren, San Jose State University, Street crime prediction using a spatial-temporal cokriging method

Jinwen Xu, University of South Florida, Human Dynamics in Natural Hazards – Mining Business Visitation Data during 2021 Winter Storm Uri in Texas

Yu Lan, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, A Web-based Geographic Framework to Detect and Visualize Space-time Clusters of COVID-19

Devin Yongzhao Wu, University of Toronto-Mississauga, Micro-built environment and crime: An approach using street view images and machine learning methods

Undergraduate Group

1st place ($700):

Haoxuan Ge, University of Toronto-Mississauga, Spatial Non-Stationarity Effects of Unhealthy Food Environments and Green Spaces for Type-2 Diabetes in Toronto

2nd place ($450):

Stone Shi, University of California, Santa Barbara, Visualize Sustainable Land Use in the Tropical Maya Forest: Revitalizing the Old Tikal Map for New Geospatial Analyses

Congratulations to all student winners!  Many thanks to the GISS BOD review committee and all participants for joining us today! 

We are looking forward to next year’s student paper competition!  


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