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2021 AAG-GISSG Student Honors Paper Competition Result

Please join me in congratulating all the following students who got our Honors Student Paper Competition Awards this year at the AAG2021 Virtual Conference!

Undergraduate Group:
Kexin Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Visualizing the partisan difference of mobility pattern during Covid-19 lockdown, 1st place
Scarlett Rakowska (University of Toronto Mississauga), Green Space Accessibility at Ontario Elementary Schools and School Performance, runner-up

Graduate Group: Bing Zhou (Texas A&M University), VictimFinder: Harvesting Rescue Requests in Disaster Response from Social Media with BERT, 1st place
Zhen Liu (Clark University), Stratified random sampling generates the Total Operating Characteristic to compare flood index maps, runner-up 
Wataru Morioka (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Exact Statistical Method for Analyzing Co-location on a Street Network and Its Computational Implementation, finalist
Jinwoo Park (Texas A&M University), Examining 24-hour fluctuation of spatial accessibility from temporal dynamics in supply, demand, and mobility: a case study of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in southeast Seoul, the Republic of Korea, finalist

Thanks to the GISS review committee members’ efforts and all people who have participated in our online presentation session.  Hope we can meet in person next year.

GISSG Board Committee

GISS Specialty Group Activities at AAG2021

As we are nearing the Annual meeting of AAG, we wanted to highlight the sessions that the Geographic Information Systems and Science Specialty Group (GISSG) is sponsoring this year. Despite the virtual format of the conference, the GISSG will host and co-host 45 sessions. Highlights include the following:

Tobler Lecture Series – This is the GISSG’s signature lecture series. This year we will host Dr. Elizabeth Delmelle and Dr. Robert Roth in a back-to-back plenary, who will showcase the significant contributions of geographers to the GIScience discipline.

Best Student Paper Competition – Every year, GISSG hosts best student paper competition. These papers highlight the advancements in the GIScience discipline from a methodological and application perspective. Please join us in getting a glimpse into the future of GIScience discipline through the lens of upcoming researchers.

Geospatial Health Symposium – There are six sessions organized as part of this symposium that focus on spatiotemporal modeling of COVID-19 and other public health issues including substance use that has increased during the pandemic. The sessions also highlight the role of GIScience fundamentals in understanding, modeling and visualizing public health related research.

Symposium of Human Dynamics Research – This symposium will also host six sessions that focus on the role of spatiotemporal analytics, static and dynamic big data and geo-visualization in exploring, modeling and visualizing the interaction between human and natural systems across space and time.

Spaces of Education – The COVID_19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of our current educational system. These sessions reflect on the use and impact of geospatial technologies and techniques in education that can be used to build a GIScience education resilient to changing conditions.

Towards Computational Praxis for Social Justice – Like many issues, the COVID_19 pandemic has brought forth to our attention the issue of social justice, which is though not new, has fallen off the radar. These sessions are highlighting the role of computation and GIS in exploring social justice issues while exposing the nuances of using different techniques and technologies to study social justice.

The complete information of sessions sponsored by the GISS Specialty Group is listed below:

273474/708:00-09:15Virtual 38Challenges and opportunities presented to battle pandemics in urban spacesPaperTilottama Ghosh
282444/708:00-09:15Virtual 1Career Mentoring (Opportunity 1 of 6)NetworkMark Revell
276434/709:35-10:50Virtual 32Towards Computational Praxis for Social Justice IIPaperAlbina Gibadullina
270884/711:10-12:25Virtual 46Geospatial Knowledge Graphs and OntologyPaperAlexandre Sorokine
276454/713:30-14:45Virtual 32Towards Computational Praxis for Social Justice IVPaperCorrine Armistead
282454/708:00-09:15Virtual 1Career Mentoring (Opportunity 2 of 6)NetworkMark Revell
269624/715:05-16:20Virtual 32Towards Computational Praxis for Social Justice PanelPanelMollie Holmberg
270284/715:05-16:20Virtual 7GIScience and Hazards in the Era of Big DataPaperBandana Kar
273704/716:40-17:55Virtual 7Social Media and Big Data for DisastersPaperBandana Kar
282464/808:00-09:15Virtual 1Career Mentoring (Opportunity 3 of 6)NetworkMark Revell
273134/808:00-09:15Virtual 33Urban Data Science: Theories, Methods, Models, and Applications for Our Changing Cities IPaperQunshan Zhao
274964/809:35-10:50Virtual 33Urban Data Science: Theories, Methods, Models, and Applications for Our Changing Cities IIPaperQunshan Zhao
282474/813:30-14:45Virtual 1Career Mentoring (Opportunity 4 of 6)NetworkMark Revell
271944/813:30-14:45Virtual 40Map Up 1: Relational and Radical MappingsPanelEric Huntley
279264/815:05-16:20Virtual 40Map Up 2: Auditing and AccountabilityPanelTaylor Shelton
272184/816:40-17:55Virtual 48Tobler Lecture and Transactions in GIS Plenary Presentations (Sponsored by Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group)Paper (Tobler Lecture)John Wilson
282484/908:00-09:15Virtual 1Career Mentoring (Opportunity 5 of 6)NetworkMark Revell
280414/908:00-09:15Virtual 22Open Source Data for Assessing Vulnerabilities, Risk & ResiliencePaperNagendra Singh
270134/908:00-09:15Virtual 8Geospatial Health Symposium 5: Mapping and Analyzing the Impacts of COVID-19 Outbreak in Neighborhoods IPaperMing-Hsiang Tsou
276054/909:35-10:50Virtual 16Holocaust & Genocide Geographies 1: MethodsPaperAlberto Giordano
277364/909:35-10:50Virtual 36Spaces of Education IPaperMichael Minn
276044/909:35-10:50Virtual 8Geospatial Health Symposium 5: Mapping and Analyzing the Impacts of COVID-19 Outbreak in Neighborhoods IIPaperAtsushi Nara
282824/909:35-10:50Virtual 63Meet the Cities’ COVID Mitigation Mapping (C2M2) InitiativePanelMelinda Laituri
277514/911:10-12:25Virtual 36Spaces of Education IIPaperMichael Minn
274264/911:10-12:25Virtual 47Critical GeoAIPaperRenee Sieber
270604/913:30-14:45Virtual 9Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Modeling Human Dynamics in Coupled Natural-Human Systems IPaperHeng Cai
270704/915:05-16:20Virtual 14Geographic Information Science and Systems Best Student Paper CompetitionPaperSong Gao
271134/915:05-16:20Virtual 8Geospatial Health Symposium 8: Geography and Substance Use 1PaperKathleen Stewart
274274/915:05-16:20Virtual 9Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Modeling Human Dynamics in Coupled Natural-Human Systems IIPaperHeng Cai
281344/916:40-17:55Virtual 14Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group Business MeetingMeeting
271144/916:40-17:55Virtual 8Geospatial Health Symposium 9: Geography and Substance Use 2PaperJeremy Mennis
282494/1008:00-09:15Virtual 1Career Mentoring (Opportunity 6 of 6)NetworkMark Revell
274044/1008:00-09:15Virtual 9Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Emerging Themes in a Post-pandemic EraPaperShih-Lung Shaw
272594/1009:35-10:50Virtual 16Cognition and Visualization 1PaperAlexander Savelyev
271224/1009:35-10:50Virtual 9Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Mining Human Dynamics with Big Data & Spatio-Temporal AnalysisPaperXining Yang
278694/1011:10-12:25Virtual 4Meet the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI)PanelMichael Scott
274844/1011:10-12:25Virtual 8Geospatial Health Symposium 12 and Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Advances in Dynamic Environmental Exposure, Mobility Patterns, and Health OutcomesPaperMarta Jankowska
273524/1013:30-14:45Virtual 22Earth Observation data in sustainable urban science researchPaperPranab Roy Chowdhury
278714/1015:05-16:20Virtual 1Meet certified GIS Professionals (aka GISPs)PanelClancy Wilmott
274154/1015:05-16:20Virtual 21GIS methods to analyze land changePaperThomas Bilintoh
271524/1016:40-17:55Virtual 9Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: University Consortium for Geographic Information Science – Cyberinfrastructure and Decision Support Systems Research InitiativePaperZhe Zhang
278834/1108:00-09:15Virtual 48Urban Data Science: Theories, Methods, Models, and Applications for Our Changing CitiesPanelQunshan Zhao
274284/1109:35-10:50Virtual 44The Future of Atlases: Practice, Reflection, PotentialPaperAileen Buckley
271464/1109:35-10:50Virtual 8Geospatial Health Symposium 17 and Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Advances in Dynamic Environmental Exposure, Mobility Patterns, and Health OutcomesPaperMarta Jankowska
268894/1111:10-12:25Virtual 9Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Mapping, Modeling and Prediction with VGIPaperGuiming Zhang

Thank you very much for your support to the AAG-GISS community. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you at AAG2021!

The AAG-GISS Specialty Group

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Enhancing diversity, promoting inclusion, and broadening participation in the discipline of geography and GIScience are goals that are central to the AAG-GISS Speciality Group and its mission. The AAG-GISS Group will actively engage in outreach and research activities to promote diversity and inclusion within the geography and GIScience communities. We will include data from a variety of sources about our membership and department composition so that our activities will consider the needs and conditions of all our members. If there is anything that we can do to help enhance diversity, promote inclusion, and broaden participation, please feel free to reach out to us anytime (Chair: Bandana Kar [karb at], Communication Director: Lei Zou [lzou at]).

More details about AAG-related Diversity and Inclusion Programs and Activities could be found in

2021 AAG Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group Annual Student Paper Competition

The Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group (GISS-SG) of the Association of American Geographers is pleased to announce the 2021 Honors Competition for Student Papers on Geographic Information Science topics to be presented at the annual meeting. The purpose of this competition is to promote scholarship and written and oral presentations by students in the field of GIS. Papers are invited from current graduate and undergraduate students on any topic in geographical information systems and geographic information science.

Please see detailed information under the menu Awards –> Student Paper Competition link.

We have successfully invited six students to participate in the 2021 AAG-GISS group Student Paper Competition. Congratulations! More details about the student paper competition could be found in